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Mr Owen has been a skilled tutor. He has guided me throughout the IB course and helped me achieve a 7 in IB economics HL and A for TOK. There were times where I was drained but through hard work with Owen, who pushed me towards more knowledge and practice, I was able to reach my full potential of a perfect score for HL Economics and TOK. He has been an interesting teacher to work with and I really appreciate the knowledge he has passed onto me. Without him, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you Owen.

Ben H.Le Rosey International School
Grade 7 for HL Economics (2021)

Mr Owen has been an extremely nurturing tutor, allowing me as a student to shape my working standards to their maximum. Furthermore, Owen is very effective and efficient in every class and pushes me to the limit, allowing myself to achieve the highest grade possible in TOK in the IB.

InmoLe Rosey International School
Grade 7 for TOK (2021)

Mr Goh tutored me from the start of Year 5 up till my graduation in Year 6. I’m sure you would’ve read many reviews of brilliant students praising Sir’s amazing math intuition where he is able to seamlessly integrate concepts from different chapters and extend his teachings to real-life applications beyond the discipline of mathematics itself. I write my testimony (written autonomously – no strings attached) from the perspective of a student who was not naturally inclined towards Mathematics, but gradually fell in love with it after being taught by Mr Goh. Before I start, I just want to thank you (Sir) for your patient instruction for the last two years. It wasn’t easy being your student due to the numerous challenges and obstacles we had to overcome together, but I learnt a lot.

Initially, I studied math for its practicality, not completely because of my love for the subject. Nonetheless, as i had the fortune of meeting Sir, I was exposed to a syllabus that surpassed your average classroom content. Suddenly, math wasn’t so dry. Even as a student who was considered average in mathematics, I experienced several “wow” moments every session, even if I didn’t always understand his teachings at first. My Math Exploration (ME) in particular impressed me, and after all the confusing nights and hints left by Sir, I managed to come up with a report that I never knew I was capable of producing. Moreover, it was very different from what the rest of my peers had come up with.

Even if you are a student who studies math as a means to an end without the innate desire to understand further, I can guarantee you that Sir’s approach in ensuring academic excellence for your exams is strategic and foolproof. Whenever Sir teaches you to deal with a problem, he gives you two to three methods. After being with him for a while, he will also impart upon you some mathematical sense or GDC savviness that will help you to double check your answers.

Personally, I believe that the best part about being Sir’s student is that no matter how strong or weak you are, if you are willing to commit effort, he will really try his best to help you. He is about as communicative as you are with him, but also about as desperate (or passionate) as you get. Also, he’ll only ever get angry at you for laziness, but never for being slow. I think that there is no doubt, Sir’s fees are very expensive, which may put some people off. But at the end of the day I really felt the difference. Not just in mathematical ability, but also in conventional life wisdom. Given the chance to travel back in time, I would’ve definitely made the same decision of learning under Sir.

Grade 6 for HL Math

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